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If you're looking for kinky ways to spice up your marriage or relationship, look no further. Get the fun back into your relationship with our beautifully crafted and perfectly presented bdsm gear, seductive lingerie and BDSM sex toys.


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Spice up your relationship with our crafted and perfectly presented BDSM gear, Bondage Kits and BDSM sex toys.

Can BDSM Gear can save your Relationship?

Ok, so you’re a little bit inquisitive and want something to spice up your relationship, but are a little bit unsure of what your partner will say. How will he or she react? Shock? Anger? Excitement??? Well from experience we know that the mere mention of BDSM is very much likely to send your partner into excited denial. Don’t let him or her kid you on!

Rather than turning off your partner, we guarantee that the use of BDSM gear will bring light to your relationship and spice up your sex life. Don’t think that all BDSM gear is extreme. The range of bondage gear available to you and your partner is incredibly wide. Nipple clamps are a favourite sex toy that come in multiple styles from standard nipple clips to tweezer nipple clamps to suction clamps. Add to these a medium size ribbed glass buttplug, tail butt plug, bondage tape, wrist restraints and some erotic lingerie and you can start to really get the fun back into your relationship.

Once you bought the basic toys and sexy lingerie, moving up to more exciting stuff will be easy! Pinwheels are an incredibly sexy and sensitive way to introduce a little bit of sensual pain to your partner. Running the pinwheel down your partners back as he/she is tied down with soft leather restraints is guaranteed to turn your partner to gelly! Add to this a leather bondage spanker, dog gag and strapon… who knows where it will end.

Our advice is to forget any initial embarrassment, speak to your partner and spice up your relationship with good quality, sexy bdsm and fetish gear. Delve deep into our sex shop online. You won’t regret it!

BDSM Gift Sets - Perfect Pleasure Kits

Looking for something the perfect gift? At OhSoKinky we are constantly looking for ways to help users enter the exciting world of BDSM, and what better way to start off your journey with one of our BDSM kits. All items in each bondage kit has been individually selected to based on reviews and comments from our customers. Our 4 piece anal bondage set is aimed at those looking for a little butt-plug fun. With a whip, catmask, bondage rope and stunning ribbed butt-plug, you can’t go wrong with this set. Combine with our wide variety of sexy and tantalising selection of leather bdsm lingerie and underwear and we guarantee that will be going to work the next day with a big smile on your face.

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Our philosophy is provide our clients with a truly unique experience with our beautifully crafted and perfectly presented bondage gear, seductive lingerie and BDSM sex toys.

Browse through our online BDSM shop and indulge in our range of luxury BDSM sex toys and bondage kits.