Spice Up Your Relationship With Spanking!

World of Spanking & Flogging!

If you have tried spanking before, you know it can be a great way to spice up your relationship! (for both doms and subs) and even if you haven’t, you are no doubt familiar with what spanking entails! But is it as simple as swinging wild at your partners behind?

You can probably guess that the most popular place to spank is the butt, although anywhere meaty (thighs, calves) can be spanked. Do make sure to avoid delicate areas like the spinal cord, the abdomen and back, or bony areas. When aiming for the butt, swing for the lower half, since the tailbone can easily chip or crack and then the fun is ruined for everyone.

For any and all spanking newbies, a good tip is to start slow and light. In fact, don’t even think of this as a tip but more as a rule to follow every time you dish out a spanking. Unlike if you start with full force, starting slow allows your partners pain tolerance to gradually get higher as you slowly increase the intensity whereas starting at full intensity could cause the not so kinky type of pain and bring the fun to a premature halt! Like anything, warming up is extremely important and will allow for longer lasting fun!

Another tip is to practice on yourself and an inanimate object before you spank someone else. You practice on the inanimate object (pillow, bed, or couch) so you can practice your aim and not inadvertently break your sub's bones. Practising on yourself allows you a better understanding of exactly what you are dishing out! If you are using a paddle or whip it is very important that you have an idea how it feels and how hard you can hit before you take a swing at your

Also, remember that bruises don't spring up automatically. The ‘Spankee’ may be on a pain-induced endorphin high and never feel their skin hurting, and you won't see bruises until the next day. When an area gets red and rosy, stop before it gets chapped, raw, bruised, or the skin breaks. You don't want permanent marks or bruises that last for weeks to pop up later!

Another useful tip is to give your partner a hand in warming up which you can do by massaging, rubbing and kneading the buttocks, both before, during and after spanking! When delivering hand prints to someone’s backside, always take time to stop and massage the area you are punishing. Stop to rub and massage the sore area to give your partner a break and to also help diffuse the pain. Once you're done beating the heck out of their bottom, bring them back down slowly by gently rubbing their skin and getting their blood flow back down to normal.

If you choose to use a paddle or whip when spanking, be sure to be extra careful to begin with! Unlike when spanking with your hand, a paddle or whip wont begin to ache and the temptation to swing for extended periods of time might take over you!

Remember, as with all play, you need to decide on a safe word before you begin. One popular system you might like to use is the “Traffic Light” method.

  • Green =  Give me more! I love it!

  • Yellow = I’m nearing my limit. Something needs to be adjusted

  • Red = STOP ALL PLAY!

Whatever safe word you choose, always make sure you do so!

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Happy Spanking,

Lucy x