Exploring Your Desires Through Cat Masks and Blindfolds!

Cat Masks & Blindfolds


Is the idea of you or your partner (or both!) wearing a mask one that gets you excited? Maybe you like the thought of experimenting with role play through experimenting with some dress up or maybe you simply like how your partner looks in one of our cat masks? No matter what your fantasy might be, playing with masks in the bedroom can be an extremely pleasurable experience and can help to reignite old passions that may have waned over time, as well as increase the intensity of a new flame!

First what is a ‘mask fetish’? Well Mask fetishists experience heightened sexual arousal when they see someone wearing or taking off a mask. This can include all types of masks. For example, a mask fetishist may enjoy seeing someone wearing a diving mask, gas mask, or a masquerade mask. True mask fetishists require that the mask be present. It is the controlling factor of sexuality.

In as simple terms as possible, Mask fetishism is a desire to see a subject wearing a mask or taking off a mask. The mask may be a Halloween mask, a surgical mask, ninja mask, gas mask, a latex mask, or any other kind of mask.

To be perfectly clear before we go on, in this post we are strictly talking about what could be considered ‘soft play’ masks, such as masquerade and cat masks. Although in the future we will be taking a deeper look at what could be thought of as the more ‘hardcore’ masks’ (those used during breath play etc), for now we are going to focus on the masks which we think are perfect for a little bit of fun.

Wearing a mask can be a trans-formative experience, one that can morph long term partners, who might feel as though they are in a rut, into newly acquainted and passionate strangers! Not only a means of reigniting old flames, we highly recommend even new couples (or anyone in fact!) experiment with mask play! Unlike a lot of other kinks that come to mind, having fun with masks is just that! You don’t need to be worrying about leaving hand prints or choking too hard and instead can focus on having a bit of naughty, risk free fun!

No matter if your fantasy involves everyone being masked, or just one of you wearing a mask, the thrill of doing so in the bedroom can be an extremely arousing experience and a great way to spice up your relationship!

We have a selection of masks to get you started and great accessories to accompany them, so if you are looking for a mask, blindfold, or choker, then head on over to the Oh So Kinky store!

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